Amphibians Life:

Amphibian are one of the type of chordate and the word amphibian mean both ide of life Thi i becau e the amphibian begin it life in the water (breathing with gill ) and then fini he it mainly on land (breathing with lung ) Amphibian are cold-blooded vertebrate that expend part of their life on dry land and part in fre h... more

Mammals and their small one:

In earth Mammal are one of the major part In mammal have hair, warm-blooded, and nouri h their young with milk An imperative characteri tic of mammal growth, and a key attribute of mammal , i the capability to nur e the young The female mammal can find nipple to nouri h their young once Nur ing milk i important The mammal are of... more


Mating y tem corre pond to reproductive adaptation to ecological condition It i behavior u ed by animal to meet compatible mate for exual reproduction Animal u e a multiplicity of method to mate, fu ion of perm and egg, or all of which promote fertilization Copulation mean union of the ex organ of two exually reproduce... more


Badger i the general name for any animal of three ubfamilie , which belong to the family Mu telidaBadger are hort-legged, heavy- et and the lower jaw i articulate to the upper, by mean of a tran ver e condoyle firmly locked into a long cavity of the cranium, o that di placement of the jaw i all but impo ible The e enable the... more


Herbivorou hoofed African mammal of the type Equu , which al o includ the hor e and the a Very friendly animal in the large t part of the ca e , and they are frequently found in large herd or mall harem It i famou by it triking pattern of black or dark brown tripe poradic with white Equu zebra inhabit the rocky... more

Ocean life

The ocean life contain 99 percent of the living pace on the planet The life in ocean i cla ified into three type The fir t type i plankton Plankton Creature drift, rely and float to move from one area to other and they are either micro copic or zooplankton The Nekton i the econd type animal that can able to wim without help of... more

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife pre ervation ha gain huge con equence in current cenario of wildlife extermination Many communitie of fore t dweller and fi her people follow traditional practice of maintain clo ed ea on , when no hunting or fi hing i permi ible, o that the natural wildlife populace can get back it number Habitually hunting booty wa... more