The platypu i one of the two animal in the array Monotremata It i the olitary a ociate of the mammal family unit Ornithorhynchidae Platypu i on or after the Greek platy meaning expan ive and pou connotation foot, referring to the animal' webbed footThe platypu ha more than a few reptilian individuality which compri e by... more

North American Beaver

The North American Beaver i a rodent inhabitant to North America The North American beaver, Ca tor Canaden i , i a large, web-footed, emi-aquatic rodent amid brown fur and a wide, flat, dark tail They are emi-aquatic, but wa te mo t of their day in the water Beaver are low moving on land, and are ea ily cared Beaver are low... more

Mountain goats:

Mountain goat i a kind of mammal Mountain goat are not factual goat but they are clo e relative They are more appropriately known a goat-antelope It average life pan i about 9 to 12 year The mountain goat houlder height i 1m and it weight i of 45 to 136 kg It depend on the group HERD The mountain goat height i of 2 m It... more

Hyena & Life:

Hyena i one of the large t carnivorou in Africa The cientific name of hyena i Crocuta and it ize i 28 to 35 inche tall, it weight i 90 t0 100 pound The life pan of hyena i of 25 year It i carnivorou animal the ge tation period i of 90 to 110 day The predator i humanIn Africa, after lion potted hyena i the econd... more

World Longest bird Ostrich:

O trich i the world large t bird, they roam African avanna and get more water from the plan they eat It i omnivore and it life pa i of 30 to 40 year The bird ize i 7 to 9 ft, weight 220 to 350 lb O trich lived mall group called herd The bird can not fly, but it can run at a great peed with wing out pread and it i not... more

cheetah fastest animal:

The fa te t land animal in the world, the cheetah i an amazing thing of evolution The mammal i lender long leg i built the peed Cheetah i related to cat family The height i 21/2-3 feet and the length i 44-53 inche the tail length alone 27- 32 inche The weight of cheetah i about 140 pound The cheetah top peed i about... more

Timber wolves and its life:

The Gray or Timber wolf i the mo t important component of the dog ance tor They can mull over up to 120lb and po ition up to three foot at the houlder Timber wolve are everywhere circulated They found in a mixture of part of North America, Europe, and A ia In the United State , they hodgepodge from the Rocky ma range to area in... more

Coral reefs:

Coral reef are clear, warm, and hallow ocean pecie Sea animal’ keleton only changed a a coral reef The bright colored coral refer a healthyThe coral form a group of ma e that i formed a a bunch A trip of olidify coral at an ocean urface i called a coral reef The reef' immen e configuration i formed from coral... more