Four-eyed turtle

The Endangered four eye turtle i well known reptile and named for the out tanding circular hape on the top of the head that look like eye The upper hell i brown peckled with dark fleck The bottom hell i almon pink and al o with dark fleck and mark The turtle are mall and rarely exceeding 5 inche De pite the fact that... more

Mollusk – Shellfish

A mollu k i an extra name for a hellfi h Mollu k are animal belong to the phylum There are approximately 93,000 known extant type , making it the major marine phylum with concerning 23% of all name oceanic organi m Repre entative of the phylum live in an enormou variety of habitat together with marine, fre hwater, and terre trial... more

Sea turtles

Sea turtle are huge, air-breathing reptile that live in tropical and ubtropical ea all the way through the world The hell con i t of an upper part and a lower ection Unbreakable cale cover all except the leatherback, and the amount and deal of the e cute can be u ed to e tabli h the pecie Turtle are of different hape ,... more

Deadly snake:

Snake while hearing the name it elf every one get fear Snake are one of the thin large t reptile in the world Snake have no leg it move around the place by lither the ground The kin of nake i like caled and mo t ela tic, the nake eat large prey The nake doe n’t have movable eyelid Thought out the world there are 2,400 kind... more

Endangered Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle i li ted a an endangered peciou from 1978 Since 1978 bald eagle declared becau e number of the bald eagle had decline from 300,000 in the early 1700' to 10,000 ne ting pair in the 1950 , and then to 500 pair by the early 1960 , rea on wa human , by u ing pe ticide , gunfire the eagle , and pollute waterway The eagle... more