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Sunday, November 29, 2009




The platypus is one of the two animals in the array Monotremata. It is the solitary associate of the mammal family unit Ornithorhynchidae. Platypus is on or after the Greek platys meaning expansive and pous connotation foot, referring to the animal's webbed foot.

The platypus has more than a few reptilian individuality which comprise by means of the same aperture for replica and eliminating fritter away products, the capability to lay eggs, cervical ribs, and local ascorbic acid amalgamation in the kidney. Smooth despite the actuality that the platypus has these reptile characteristics, it is taken more a whole much more mammalian than reptilian. This exceptional animal has a natural life of 10 to 15 years.

The bizarre manifestation of this egg-laying, duck-billed creature baffled naturalists while it was first exposed, with some bearing in mind it an complex fraud. It is one of the few noxious mammals; the male Platypus has encouraged on the back foot which deliver a poison accomplished of cause severe pain to humans.

The exceptional facial appearance of the Platypus formulate it an imperative subject in the study of evolutionary biology and a identifiable and iconic icon of Australia; it has appear as a mascot at nationalized events and is feature on the invalidate of the Australian 20 cent coin.

Until the in the early hours 20th century it was sought for its fur, but it is at the moment confined throughout its assortment. Although locked up breeding program has had only limited accomplishment and the Platypus is defenseless to the personal material goods of pollution, it is not under any abrupt threat.

The Platypus generally feeds at night on sea insect larvae; shrimps and worms by dabble in mud or silt on the underside of rivers and freshwater lakes with its susceptible, flexible, duck-like snout, aided by. Electroreceptors on its bill these are stored in the cheek pouch and will be chew after returning to the facade. The Platypus knows how to eat their own remains weight in requirements in one night.


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


North American Beaver


The North American Beaver is a rodent inhabitant to North America. The North American beaver, Castor Canadensis, is a large, web-footed, semi-aquatic rodent amid brown fur and a wide, flat, dark tail. They are semi-aquatic, but waste most of their day in the water. Beavers are slow moving on land, and are easily scared.

Beavers are slow moving on land, and are easily scared. The feet are webbed and the tail is large flat & paddle. It can stay in water unto 15 minutes. These darned rodents are well famous for create dams in waterway, often consequential in the flood of the nearby areas.

It has large wide head. It has sharp, self-sharpening, renewable, enameled teeth that can cut throughout wood and fell a tree. The baby beaver weight is around 20 kg about 30 cm tall, and its tail is about 25 cm long.

The common area for beaver is forested area and it also expand the unfrosted area, where the place of water-courses surrounded by deciduous trees or shrubs.

Beaver work and rest will be of alternative days. They are mainly energetic from dusk to dawn. Midday normally finds them in the gatehouse, be it summer or winter.

The mating period for beaver is from Jan to Feb. The babies are born early spring from April to June. The baby beavers do there duty in the next summer they take on adult duties, building and maintaining the lodge and the dams. They reach adulthood through their second winter and budge away to come across a mate and manufacture a lodge of their own. Its life span in the natural is about 20 years.

North American beavers eat a selection of plant material. They like better the cambium, the soft layer amid the wood and bark, and leaves of trees such as aspen, birch, aspen, willow, cottonwood, and alder.


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Mountain goats:


Mountain goat is a kind of mammal. Mountain goats are not factual goats but they are close relatives. They are more appropriately known as goat-antelopes. Its average life span is about 9 to 12 years. The mountain goat shoulder height is 1m and its weight is of 45 to 136 kg. It depends on the group HERD. The mountain goat height is of 2 m. It is an herbivores animal.

The mountain goat lives in US & Canada. Almost goat populations are located in Idaho central part. It is always found in steep rocky area, Sawtooths, Bitterroot Mountains, and Seven Devils. The north Idaho Selkirk Range all most plays host for it.

Female goats are called nannies, it spend much of the year in herds with their young ones. Male goat is called as Billies. Billies live alone or with one or two other male goats. Both sexes brag beautiful sharp horns, and in mating season Billies will occasionally use them to encounter rival for potential mates.

In the spring, a nannies goat gives birth to one kid that must be on its feet contained by minutes of arrival into its bare mountain world. Mountain goats eat plants, grasses, mosses, and further alpine vegetation.

The babies contain two black rubbery a skin condition on their beginning where horns will grow. A few actions after being born, the kid stands up and begins to feed on its mother's milk. The kids are more often than not about 13 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 7 pounds. In less than 1 hour the kid is hop on its own legs.

Mountain Goats are prey to coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats, so they contain to be cautious where they go. Mountain Goats help the surroundings by their compost which adds nutrients to the quality of the soil.

Mountain Goats are exceptionally close to creature on the endangered species list. Biologists are wearisome to stop hunter from butchery these herds.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hyena & Life:


Hyena is one of the largest carnivorous in Africa. The scientific name of hyena is Crocuta and its size is 28 to 35 inches tall, its weight is 90 t0 100 pounds. The life span of hyena is of 25 years. It is carnivorous animal the gestation period is of 90 to 110 days. The predator is human.

In Africa, after lion spotted hyena is the second largest carnivore. Even though spotted hyenas will search food at any time possible, they are also capable pack hunters, even courageous to steal kills from other carnivores, table to take down mature wildebeests and zebras.

It is highly social animal and matriarchal clans of 35 to 80 individuals. The gender is very difficulty to identify because its external appearance same, both male and female possess reproductive organs, which are alike in look. Female spotted hyenas are prevailing over the males and outweigh them by about 3 pounds.

They protect the baby by placing in den. The group together in packs with the den of the hyena packs commonly being in the center of their territory. The hyena is remarkably strong jaws in relation to the body size of the hyena.

These are forager and feed mostly on the prey kill by lion and other big carnivores. Hyenas are very strong and able to bring large prey. Presumed to be spineless and timid, they are bold and dangerous that attack animals and humans being.

Hyena found in Savannas, grasslands, woodlands, forest edges, sub deserts, and
mountains to 13,000 feet.

Hyena and human have long story of conflict from hyenas killing livestock for an easy meal and fact that human believe that hyena are related to supernatural activity , witchcraft and wary of hyena.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


World Longest bird Ostrich:


Ostrich is the world largest bird, they roam African savanna and get more water from the plan they eat. It is omnivores and its life spa is of 30 to 40 years. The bird size is 7 to 9 ft, weight 220 to 350 lbs.

Ostrich lived small group called herd. The bird can not fly, but it can run at a great speed with wings outspread and it is not endangered species.

The weight bears by its inner two toes on each foot it is larger one. For both male and female bird the head, thigh, & neck are feathered. The female ostrich is grayish brown and the male is of attractive black with long white plumes on the wing and tail.

Generally the polygamous male has from two to six females in his flock. The bird scoops out the hollow egg that weight 1.30kg.

The birds are nomadic wandering wherever the food is most recently available. Water is necessary for ostrich they never stay away from the water because it need gallon for half a day.

Ostriches are having good scene of hearing and a fine eye sight. Similar to a giraffe the ostrich is an significant guard for numerous African grazing mammals such as antelopes, zebras, giraffes, and gazelles.

The bird lays one egg every two day from the month mid of March to mid of August. The female ostrich remain productive till 25 to 35 years. The average period for hatching is 42 days. The egg shell is very strong, its thickness is 0.06 inch, and it can bear the weight of adult man.

The diets of ostrich are of all kind of plants, fruits, lizards, insects, primarily grazing animals and small rodents. In stomach found some small rocks, sand, and clams that help to absorb the food.


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Monday, November 9, 2009


cheetah fastest animal:


The fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah is an amazing thing of evolution. The mammal is slender long leg is built the speed. Cheetah is related to cat family. The height is 21/2-3 feet and the length is 44-53 inches the tail length alone 27- 32 inches. The weight of cheetah is about 140 pounds. The cheetah top speed is about 70mph.

The cheetah staples gazelles, impalas, claves and hoofed. Following cheetah, some other mammals are fast like Thomson’s gazelle moves 80km per hour, hyena, zebra, and Mongolian wild ass all moves 64 kilometers per hour. The wart hog, white - tailed deer and grizzly bear all check in 48 km per hour. The young cub has a extended gray-blue coat and a black underbelly that speedily lightens and becomes spotted.

The cheetah's head is small in quantity to its part of its smooth styling for less resistance for greater speed. The long, prevailing tail helps the cheetah to preserve balance when changing direction at extremely high speeds. Once the cheetah closes in, it knocks the prey to the earth with its appendage and suffocates the animal with a bite to the neck. Lifespan 10-12 years. Cheetahs do not roar like lions, but they hiss, purr, whine and growl.

Cheetahs habitually live alone; now and then males will travel with two or three other cheetahs. The cheetahs are in touch by marking trees, termite mounds, and shrubs with their fritter away. A cheetah is carnivorous and eats a assortment of small animals and do not seek out old & weak animals. Cheetah may go several days lacking water and in a pinch; they have known to break open melons for fluid.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Timber wolves and its life:


The Gray or Timber wolf is the most important component of the dog ancestors. They can mull over up to 120lbs and position up to three foot at the shoulder. Timber wolves are everywhere circulated. They found in a mixture of parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. In the United States, they hodgepodge from the Rocky mass range to area in the Great Lakes state.

Timbers can set up of prairie and forest, but more often than not not in high wall ranges for the reason that of the be deficient in of food. Their color range from nearly ashen to practically black, but are more often than not grayish.

There are period when contiguous wolf group may divide a common state line. This would mean that an assortment of territory might have common characteristics by more than a mile. In such cases, a wolf that trespasses in another pack’s territory can face the risk of being kills by that pack. Therefore, Eastern timber wolves use their urine to mark their province.

The wolf pack is a people group consisting of a pair of proliferation adults and their young of one or more years. Only one feminine in a pack breeds each one year, commonly in February. After a nine-week development, averages of six pups are born in an antiestablishment den, which is repeatedly by means of for more than a few years. In early summer, the pups are move to open areas where the pack congregates. By go down, they are large sufficient to hunt with the pack. Young wolves may abscond the pack as soon as they converted into sexually middle-aged in their second winter.

They then endeavor to find a comrade, and may outline a album in an area not yet used by supplementary packs. The conduct any wolf howls is also a way to pronounce its province to the supplementary packs and is a mode to bring individuals wolves together that may have be lost from the collection.

Wolves such as the timber wolf are in this world in many spaces but most live in the forest wooden areas, tundra, and caves. Some like derelict beaver lodge or the simple hollow log. The timber wolves avoid desert and mountain. They are found in Canada, Alaska, and Japan. That is somewhere the lumber wolf is found.


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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Coral reefs:


Coral reefs are clear, warm, and shallow ocean species. Sea animal’s skeleton only changed as a coral reef. The bright colored coral refers as healthy.

The coral form a group of masses that is formed as a bunch. A strip of solidify coral at an ocean surface is called a coral reef. The reef's immense configuration is formed from coral polyps, tiny nature live in colony when coral polyps die; they leave behind a hard, stony, branch structure made of limestone.

The soft coral reef are sea fingers and sea whips are soft bendable and resembles like a plant. These do not have stony skeletons, but instead grow wood-like cores for support and fleshy rinds for safety. The reefs are referring to as non-reef building corals and they do not always have zooxanthellae. The coral are located in both tropical and dark region.

The corral reefs are developed in the earliest of two billon years ago in the mid of Precambrian era. These reefs built by colonies of calcareous algae, not corals. Corals, sponges, bryozoans, and calcareous algae improved the mounting reef population in the Paleozoic era, 245 to 570 million years ago.

Maintain corals in an aquarium are fairly of a face up to to the new aquarist. Corals are very perceptive to water environment and most have high dissolve oxygen concentration, low nitrate, ample supplies of essential trace elements like strontium, and increased water association. They also compulsory a good supply of calcium for appropriate growth and ample enlightenment with the acceptable passion and variety of light.


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