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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Four-eyed turtle


The Endangered four eye turtle is well known reptile and named for the outstanding circular shape on the top of the head that looks like eyes. The upper shell is brown speckled with dark flecks. The bottom shell is salmon pink and also with dark flecks and marks.

The turtle are small and rarely exceeding 5 inches. Despite the fact that basically brown, the head can be quite colorful, with the yellow or green "eyes," yellow stripes, and pink or red throat. The head of the turtle is either brown or black and the jaw is dark brown with pink chin.

From the head three stripes run back along the neck, forelimbs back are dark brown have a pink-red touch.The webbed feet are suitable for the turtle. Its carapace characteristically ranges in color from a yellowish-tan to a deep chocolate-brown and all turtles have a diverse pattern of lines.

Four-eyed turtles crop up in freshwater streams, brooks, and ponds in woodland, regularly mountainous habitat. As a result of their rocky surrounds, they have evolved to become adept climbers.

While their food preference known that they do eat a wide assortment of animals and plants including crickets, worms, snails, trout chow, aquatic plants, greens and lettuces, and certain fruits.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Mollusk - Shellfish


A mollusk is an extra name for a shellfish. Mollusks are animals belong to the phylum. There are approximately 93,000 known extant types, making it the major marine phylum with concerning 23% of all name oceanic organisms.

Representatives of the phylum live in an enormous variety of habitats together with marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environment.

All mollusks have a soft, which is normally confined by a hard, calcium contain shell. In some forms on the other hand, the shell has been lost in the route of growth, as in slugs and octopuses, or very much compact in size and internalized, as in squids. There are three groups of shellfish.

They include:

Hatchet-footed - These live surrounded by of two shells that are linked by a muscular hinge which can open and close the shell.

Belly-footed - These have just one twisting shell and carry their shells on their backs.

Head-footed - These have a specific head bordered by tentacles.

The squid and octopus are divided into two. All mollusks hold a fleshy covering. Some molluscs use this mantle to construct a shell by gripping calcium carbonate and other ingredient from their environment and food and secrete it in a logical fashion to form a shell house. Mollusks maintain totaling to this shell and continue it under repair for its entire life. Nearly every mollusk can be used as a food resource for man.

Shellfish are not all fish and countless of them live on land. Not all of them have shells. They are not fish, even though many of them live in the water. The ocean quahog Arctic islandica can live to be 220 years old. Animals in colder water are in this world the best ever, since their metabolism is slower.


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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sea turtles


Sea turtles are huge, air-breathing reptiles that live in tropical and subtropical seas all the way through the world. The shells consist of an upper part and a lower section. Unbreakable scales cover all except the leatherback, and the amount and deal of these scutes can be used to establish the species.

Turtle are of different shapes, size and colors. The olive ridley is regularly less than 100 pounds, at the same time as the leatherback naturally ranges from 650 to 1,300 pounds. The upper shell of each sea turtle kind ranges in length, color, shape and pact of scales.

The female turtle will come to the ashore to lay their eggs in the sand, because all sea turtles set in activity their lives as small hatchlings on land. Adults of most kind are set up in shallow, coastal waters, bays, lagoons, and estuaries. Some also enterprise into the open sea. Juveniles of some kind may be create in bays and estuaries, as well as at sea.

The Sea turtles don’t have teeth, but their jaws have made to order "beaks" suitable to their exacting diet. They do not have visible ears but have eardrums exposed by skin. They hear most excellent at low frequencies, and their sense of smell is excellent.

Their visualization underwater is good, but they are shortsighted out of water. Their aerodynamic bodies and large flippers make them outstandingly personalized to life at sea.


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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Deadly snake:


Snake while hearing the name itself every one get fear. Snakes are one of the thin largest reptiles in the world. Snake have no leg it moves around the places by slither the ground.

The skin of snake is like scaled and most elastic, the snake eat large prey. The snake doesn’t have movable eyelids.

Thought out the world there are 2,400 kinds of snakes. The snakes live everywhere in deserts, oceans, lakes, deserts, streams, ground dwellers, trees, and other snakes spend mostly in water. Some places are there were snakes dont live.

The snakes can not survive in place where the ground stays frozen the year around, so they are gone astray in polar region. Several islands, including Ireland and New Zealand, do not have snakes.

Some of the top deadly snake are mentioned below with there scientific names.

Fierce Snake - Oxyuranus microlepidotus

Blue Krait - Bungarus

Boomslang - Dispholidus typus

Taipan - Oxyuranus microlepidotus

Death Adder – Acanthophis

Tiger Snake - Notechis scutatus

Common Brown Snake - Pseudonaja textilis

Saw Scaled Viper - Echis

Coral Snake - Micrurus fulvius

Beaked Sea Snake - Enhydrina schistosa


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Endangered Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle is listed as an endangered specious from 1978. Since 1978 bald eagle declared because numbers of the bald eagle had decline from 300,000 in the early 1700's to 10,000 nesting pairs in the 1950s, and then to 500 pairs by the early 1960s, reason was humans, by using pesticides, gunfire the eagles, and pollutes waterways.

The eagles are one of the largest members in birds prey family. Up to 85 inch the wingspan of bald reach. It is common in North America, it stay near the rivers, streams, lakes which support good amount of food supply. Bald can eat fish, ducks, rodent’s snakes and carrion.

The body & wings of Adults looks dark brown and its head & tail looks white and a yellow beak. Adult plumage generally is obtained by the 6th year. In flight, the bald eagle often soars with the wings held at a right angle to the body.
The female is large compare to male.

The male is only 3 feet from head to tail but its weight 3 to 10 pounds. The bald are huge size and the look itself scary & attract others. The human hunt the bald so the species reduce large amount.

The bald built there nest in large trees. They mate for life and once in a year it laid normally 2 to 3 eggs. The distinguishing white head and tail fine hair appear only after the bird is 4 or 5 years old. The Eagle lives more that 30 years.


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