Ghost slug – Selenochlamys ysbryda

The gho t lug the carnivorou nocturnal lug wa fir t di covered in Wale in 2006 The leading re earcher and cienti t believe that gho t lug may be an introduced pecie and their relative are found to be in Ea tern Europe The fir t pecie of the gho t lug wa potted on 2006 and wa taken a photograph Wale a gardener in Cardiff... more

Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine Tar ier acknowledged ecure by a the Maumag in Cebuano i an endanger tar ier cour e group e tabli hed to the Philippine It i create in the outhea tern part of the archipelago, predominantly in the i land of Bohol, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao It given la t name i en uing from it elongated "tar u " or ankle bone... more

Cows hurt in Kodinar

In a gro event, five cow are poorly hurt by namele a ailant who attack the animal by mean of harp-edged weaponry on their back leg for no evident rea on in Kodinar The animal were e tabli hing hurt and in a blood lo tate under a viaduct tuck between Barada and Kanjotar village near Kodinar on Tue day According to... more

Dodo Bird:

The Dodo i a le on in extermination Fir t ight approximately 1600 on Mauritiu , an i land in the Indian Ocean; the Dodo wa wiped out le than eighty year later The Dodo bird may have urvived for 30 year longer than wa previou contemplation The la t e tabli hed detection wa in 1662, but it i now uppo ed with the intent of the... more