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Pink Flamingo bird:

Flamingos are one of the social wading birds in the genus of Phoenicopterus. It belongs to Phoenicopteridae family. In America there are 4 specious of flamingos and 2 kind of bird in old world.

There are 6 kinds of birds recognized by many sources and they are placed under one genus. Andean and James’s Flamingo, these are often placed under the Phoenicoparrus instead of Phoenicopterus. The most widely recognized by is pink flamingo.

Greater flamingos are to be expected to be the only tall pink bird in any given locale. They also have long, lean, curved necks and black-tipped bills with a characteristic downward bend.

The bird attracts every one for it colorful appearance, long legs, it is available in sandy beaches, sunny skies and tropical palms. The most important one is that flamingo required fresh water source for drinking, bird prefer gather together in a salty tidal flats, sandy island shorelines and mangrove swamps.

The fewer birds first present where they feed, the better, they didn’t compete with fish for food. The habitat of flamingo starts from world with Siberia, to Andes, to India and to Africa. But almost the flamingo bird in tropical and subtropical areas, because of the freezing temperature, flamingo birds usually do not migrate.

Flamingo will migrate only when the climate change occur. The bird will protect the other individual bird when there head are down in mud. They prefer safety.

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