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Most animals on no account even see their parents. Many never meet their father and some do not get together their mothers moreover. A quantity of insects, fish, amphibians and reptiles hatch from fertilized eggs and face life on their own.

And those animals that are raise by parents are often rear by their mothers. We all be acquainted with that raise children is for the most part the accountability of mothers, but in the animal kingdom it does not say so.

Here a great astonished to find out that in attendance are some male animals that are so good in raise their young. These fathers show wonderful pains in provided that what is best when it comes to parenting.

Cat fish:
A male fish keeps the eggs of his young in his mouth awaiting they are ready to hatch. He does not eat for the period of this period, which may go several weeks.

When the female wolf gives birth, the father stand protector outside their den and brings food for the mother and pups. As they grow, he not only plays with them but also teach them how to survive. Wolves maintain to live together much as human families do.

The male frog hatches his eggs in a pouch in his mouth. On the other hand, unlike the catfish, the continuation of the pouch does not stop him from eating. Soon, the tadpoles lose their tails, are converted into tiny frogs and jump out of his mouth.

In attendance are small monkeys in South America called marmosets. In the midst of these monkeys, the fathers take care of their babies from birth.

When a marmoset is born, the priest cleans it, keeps it safe and carries it to the mother only when it needs to be nursed. When the baby can eat solid food, it is the father who feeds the child.

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