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Stone Fish:

The Stone Fish is a mottled brown-greenish in colour with many poisonous spines along its back. The stonefish lives first and primary above the tropic of Capricorn.

The reef stonefish is the most common species of the stonefish’s family, and is known to be found in the superficial tropical marine waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Its most of the essence habitat is on coral reefs, near and about rocks, can be bring into being dormant in the mud or sand. The Species – Synanceja trachynis, Synaneichthyes verrucosus. It feed on small fish and shrimps.

The Stonefish is a different of Australia’s poisonous marine creatures. It has thirteen sharp dorsal spines on its back, which each have tremendously toxic venom. This is the most poisonous fish. The waters of Vanuatu are occupied by stonefish.

It reaches up to 35 cm in distance end to end and lives in the Indo-Pacific region and northern Australian waters, from Brisbane to 600 km north of Perth. Stonefish may be originated from open to the elements sand and mud in tidal inlets to depths of 40 m.

It has 13 dorsal spine accomplished of stabbing a shoe with a soft sole 0.5 cm wide. Each spine contains 5 to 10 mg of venom. This poison is exclusively separate from other venoms formed by poisonous animals.

Lying on the sea bed, it is completely secret and looks exactly like a covered rock. It feeds on small fish and shrimps. When they swim the stonefish opens its entrance with lightning speed and gulps them down.

The in one piece attack lasts for just 0,015 seconds. Individual can put off oneself from stonefish injury by exhausting thick-soled shoes and tread very lightly- spines can part through a shoe.

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