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Effects Caused By Gulf Oil-Spilling

In the Gulf of Mexico, oil continues to leak profusely from a deep sea well of about 40 miles far from the United States coast triggered by the explosion of Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20.

Many seabirds in the Gulf that are drenched in oil have stimulated misery around the world. Melanie Driscoll, the conservationists announces the unseen effects are more severe far from the shore in the sea lives.

US government estimates up to 9.5 million liters of oil can gush daily from the offshore oil well, but up to 15.9 million liters of crude oil is gushing into the waters of Gulf per day. This spilling causes very dangerous effects to wild lives in sea.

US government declared this as the fishery calamity in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama due to oil spill. The spill had started one-and-half months back, wildlife officials having report for 491 birds, 227 turtles and 27 mammals, along with dolphins have been dead and collected in the US Gulf Coast.

Wild life officials expects to be more marine creatures, birds and mammals will be affected.

Effects caused to Wildlife’s:

If the bird like Pelicans passes the oil, then its feathers get oiled heavily and it may be unable to fly to get back to the land.

Diving birds dive into the deep sea to catch fish can eat the fish along with that crude oil. This causes serious problems to that birds like kidney and liver failure.

Many birds may die because of the toxicity of the oil that they have intake.

Birds are unable to regulate their body temperature because of their feathers coated with oil. So its body gets freeze that leads to death.

Feathers are the deep insulating factors to birds, if the feathers get wet with oil then the bird is not able to manage their life in land, as it can effectively bake because of warm.

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