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Mexican Walking Fish (Scientific Name: Ambystoma Mexicanum)

Axolotl also known as the water monster is a variety of tiger salamander found in the lake Xochimilco in Mexico City. Axolotl is the very rare water lizard in the world of animals. It is carnivorous and has sensibly characteristic internal carnivore structure. Unlike other mammals it has a three chambered heart. They are used in the scientific research due to their ability to regenerate the body parts, large embryos and simplicity in reproduction. They are usually kept as a pet animal in the US, Britain, Australia and Japan. They are capable of living at a temperature of 14 C to 20 C. Temperature below 14C will result in lethargic activity and a lower metabolism. Axolotls become anxious and will be affected by disease that continues for a long time if the temperature is maintained above 24 C. A single axolotl needs 10 US gallon tank around 150 ml of water. They spend the majority of time at the bottom of water and occasionally rise to the surface to take a quick guzzle of air to fill the lungs. Trout, salmon, pellets, bloodworms, earthworms and wax worms act as a prey to this worlds monster water lizard animal. The axolotls may have an added sense of security if the decoration items such as plastic plants, caves, pipes etc, are added to the aquarium.



Camel Spider

Camel spiders are also known as sun spider, wind spider and wind scorpion. The camel spider lives mostly in the desert regions. These are not considered as a spider or a Scorpio but it is a solifugae. Camel spiders were first invented in the middle east of Iraq and in the sandy areas of southwest united states and Mexico. Nearly 900 species were discovered. They are mostly seen in the month of spring and summer since they are afraid of cold weather. These are nocturnal creatures. They are capable of running 10 mph and can jump to about 4 feet into the air. They are capable of growing 6 inches long. They dig holes and burrow themselves during the daytime. They are carnivores and feed on a wide variety of animals. They kill their prey with its strong chelicerae. They feed on insects, scorpions, rodents, and lizards. They tend to swollen by overeating and unable to move. Camel spiders are not poisonous and hold no toxin but rely on other possessions.


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