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Octopus human behavior

The really exiting thing about this time is that an animal is considered so simple is now a very very different animal perhaps humans is really doing a complex behavior. In the past it may considered just the preserve of us and for the monkeys and I think it is amazing that this had lot and lot of foams are really doing complicated behaviors including using this form of tools.

This is an octopus running around collecting cups, sticking them, running along with keeping them underneath its body and then assembling them in perfect amber for protective comforts. So it is planned feature used and it comes as a cost carrying them. And it shows the fantastic examples of complex behaviors as in invertebrates.


Bottle opening octopus

Many might not know this but an octopus is a most intelligent of all invertebrates. Some are able to show human metric characteristics well others prefer to learn their skills. This eight legged creature at an aquarium in New Zealand has learnt how to open a glass bottles with its tentacles and to eat the tasty snacks inside.

The octopus named octi was brought to the aquarium 3 months ago by a family who found her in a rock pool. The keepers of the aquarium quickly noticed her friendly nature and her potential to perform advanced tricks. One of the labor in the aquarium said that her unusual abilities were immediately evidenced. He also further said that "She is so friendly. She likes to play with hands and screw driver. We now that the octopus is so intelligent so we now try to play some games with her".


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