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The White Lion

The Lion which has the pride saying "The King Forest". In Lions there is a special species called White Lions. The White Lions are more graceful, beautiful, etc., and these white lions are found in the wildlife reserves in South Africa rarely. It has been preserved by the selective breeding in zoos across the world. White Lions are never been common in the wild and it is not a separate subspecies.

The White Lions are recognized by the public during the period of 1970s when it was narrated by the author Chris McBride in his book named "The White Lions of Timbavati". Th White Lions are considered as divine and their greatest population are in zoos where they are deliberately bred for color. Though the white lion population is unknown, but the survey taken in 2004 says that the strength was 30. White lions are not albino lions, but these lions get their color by a recessive gene known as chinchilla or color inhibitor. Some vary from blonde which is nearer to white, and some are red also.

As these are highly visible they have distinct disadvantage in nature because this causes a distinct away from their prey and are also easily attracted by the hunters.


White Bengal tiger

The White tigers looks very elegant, graceful and beautiful. These are the special species from tiger family with a recessive gene which creates the pale coloration. It also has a generic characteristic which makes the stripes of the tiger pale. These tigers are also known as snow-white or pure white tigers. The white tiger with recessive gene are found very rarely.

The features of these White tigers are pink nose, grey mottled skin, pink paw pads, white to cream colored fur with black or ash grey, chocolate coloured stripes and ice blue eyes. The White tigers do not constitute a separate subspecies of their own and they can also breed with the orange ones. These are also not albinos. And the resulting offspring will be heterozygous and their fur will be orange. The dark striped white individuals are also know as Royal Bengal or Indian tiger.

At present we have several hundred white tigers found all over the world, where India has 100 of then and their numbers are also on the increase. These white tigers are very popular in zoos for their colour and they are used for entertainment which show cases exotic animals.


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