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Endangered animals

Endangered is a term used by the organizations to describe the plants and animals that are in the danger of becoming extinct. This may be caused by the changing environmental parameters. Also endangerment may be duet to deforestation, lack of food and water, etc.

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) calculates the endangered special as 40% with the other species. All the nations in the world have offered many protection laws to protect the animals from becoming extinct. Laws like abolition of hunting, land development restriction, and creating many preserved areas for the animals.

To promote the environmental conservation many environmental organizations are working together. They have laid thousands of international and national laws in order to protect the extinct animals. . Many breeding programs have been practiced in order to reproduce the endangered animals.

It is responsibility of each and every person in the world to preserve the floral and fauna life to build an eco friendly world.


Red Wolf The Endangered Animal

Red wolf an animal native to the North American canid is now an endangered animal that is becoming extinct. The habitat of red wolf range from Texas to Florida. Red wolves mostly have their habitat in the temperate deciduous forest.

Red wolf is reddish in color and can vary from brown to black in color. They have long legs, ears, and a narrow head. They have a strong jaw with sharp teeth with one long canine tooth which is used to tear the flesh. The adult red wolf can range from 45 to 80 pounds. The main characteristic of the red wolf are good eye sight, excellent hearing, and a keen sense of smell.

Red wolves mostly prey on white tailed deer and raccoon. They also hunt any small animal on the way.

The current research on red wolves says that there were only 80 red wolves in the early 1990s scattered in different locations in United States. In 2003 the number increased to 100 and today the number of red wolves has been rising continuously. Though there is a continuous rise this critically endangered animal still some special great assistance to live in the amazing world.


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