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Colossal Squid

Mesonychoteuthis is a cranchiid squid species which found in the deep Antarctic waters. It is considered to be grow extremely larger than the giant squid. It has a swiveling hooks which is even sharp than the razor along with a shearing beak and a powerful fins

The following information shows some of the interesting details about this species which have been caught since 1981

1981: First time the 20 feet specimen was found from a deep sea of about 2500 feet by the soviet vessel “Evrica” off Droning Maud Land, Antarctica

April 2003: In April 2003 more than half grown females are captured in the deep Antarctic waters at a depth of about 2100 feet in the Ross sea. The length of the species is considered to be 16 feet

June 2005: In 25th June 2005, the 5m length specimen was caught from the South Georgia by the fishing vessel. Unexpectedly the head broken in that squid and the body was taken to London for study

January 2007: Later in 8th January 2007, the specimen of squid got from the same Rose sea by a fishing vessel. It is estimated that its mantle had a length of about 12-14 feet

January 2007: In 27th January 2007, the male species was caught and it weighs 450 kg. The operation took two hours to recover the intact specimen. This time also it was caught in the Ross Sea and it is now kept under control in New Zealand for study


Do you believe? A Snake bite in Cat

Reptiles and amphibians are similar in various activities. Though they are distantly related , some distinguishing features can clearly separate the two

It is impossible for a social harmony between cats and the snakes. Cats should be alone housed or snake alone should be housed. Cats should be protected from snakes

Larger poisonous snakes can kill the cats easily. The common symptoms of snake byte in cat are dilated pupils, absence of the papillary light reflex, depression and generalized muscle weakness

Various other findings were vomiting, dyspnoea, hind-limb ataxia and complete flaccid paralysis. In no situation cats can kill the snakes, as the cats have no poisonous venom as that of snakes

Reptiles like iguanas can have very sharp teeth and are very aggressive. The cat can takes on a large iguana


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