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Shark vs Octopus

Octopus is a giant and remarkable creature that is more intelligent than any other animals. They are dangerous species that they even kill a shark. Though octopus is a dangerous species they are the shy creatures of the animal world. They always prefer to stay alone even they would join with the other octopus. Dolphins, sharks, groupers, moray eels, seals and Atlantic halibut act as predators to the octopus. Here the giant shark has been led into same tank where the octopus lies. The octopus distracts the shark by squirting out a jet of sepia or ink through its siphon. The sepia is similar in size of the octopus which immediately turns pale as it shoots out the ink. Immediately the octopus with its beak attacks the shark and round the shark with its strong suckers without giving a chance to the shark to escape. It then kills the shark by biting its backbone just behind the head.



Deep Sea - luminescent animals

It is amazing to see that sea creature twinkling in the deep ocean in tremendous darkness. This is because of Bioluminescence, the production and emission of light by the creature. This process is very rare in the land animals but it is very common in the sea world. This luminescent is caused as a result of a chemical reaction in which the chemical energy is converted into light energy. This phenomenon can occur not only in marine animals but also in microorganisms and terrestrial animals in the world. About 90 percent of deep-sea animals exhibit this characteristic. The aquatic animals really shine in deep water which is 600 to 3000 feet down. The light emitted by these animals varies accordingly. Animals like jellyfish, shrimp, squid and fish luminescent their own light. Flashers produce light in response to the mechanical disturbance such as getting accident knock by the boat. These creatures display light in three ways - producing repeated flash of light when swimming, single flash of light and ejecting a luminescent substance into the water. Aquatic animals have sophisticated system with nerves controlling their light. Some have folds of skin that act like tiny curtains. They close the curtains obscure the light, when they lift the curtains the light shine dazzlingly. These organs enable the species to communicate with its own members. The lights are used to signal others about the food or danger or to find the opposite gender.


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