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Kangaroo vs Dingo

Australian wild dog the dingo is on the prone. Today it hunts alone so probably it may look for a small prey. But it has a large opportunity. A baby kangaroo called Jerry makes the opportunity. It was so big for his mother to carry him and run away. The dingo moves forward towards jerry while the baby kangaroo unaware of this keeps busy grooming away. His mother sees a predator but it is not the dingo it's a tailed eagle flying high in the sky. The mother sense jerry to aside. Neither the mother nor the jerry sees the dingo rushing towards them through the bush. In a moment a young male saw this panic catching and sense them. The mother and jerry get a way to move away. Dingo starts to chase them. The dingoes are no slug when they come to speed. Both groves reached 35 miles per hour. Dingoes have better luck hunting and packs when they are after large kangaroos. The dingo is now back searching for a prey that is not so big and not so fast.


Mouse vs Boa

This mouse is enjoying in and out of the benefits living in this beautiful tropical forests where food is plentiful and can drink right out of the flower. The mouse enjoys its life without knowing the danger in the place. Of course there is an occasion of the mouse Varian Boa to worry about. The boa has a victim tongue to taste its prey's presence. It also has a mouse trap high on him with no way out. As the Boa approaches to trap the mouse, the mouse is seemed to be doomed. The situation is like how plucky hero can escape from this impossible trap. But the clever mouse spreading its limbs like a parachute it lands on the ground travelling through the edges as if jumping from the six storage building to the earth. No human on the earth could survive after a fall like this. But this mouse was fresh as ever and moved in for the next enjoyment as if the next step is land in a marshal. The snake in turn went for the next mouse hunt.


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