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Snake with 2 heads

A condition of having more than one head is known as Polycephaly. This means “many heads”. A variation of an animal that has two faces in a single head is known as diprosopus. There are many happenings of multi headed animals. One such animal is the two headed snake. This reptile is very rare and was also recently found in Spain. Two headed snakes are formed typically the same way as the Siamese twins. The developing embryo starts to split into two indistinguishable parts and then later stops leaving the parts to be in a joined position. Both the heads work autonomously. It is so interesting to know that both heads feel hungry at the same time. A regular fight goes on over which head will swallow the prey. A problem arises in the prey captivity. When one head smells the odor of prey on the other head it will attack and attempt to gulp the other head. During the time of prey they would be a highly susceptible to predators. There also arises a high difficulty in deciding which direction to go.



Leaf Cutting Atta Ants

Atta ants are worlds fungus growing ants. They are also called Aromyrmex. They usually cut a wide variety of leaves and plant parts for use as a fungal substrate. These ants are an eye catching feature of the Neotropical habitats because their colonies are efficiently organized and have an intense effect on the world. The leaf cutting ants appear to be rust-brown in color and sizes from 1/6" to " in length. Only the queen is 1" long. These ants have colonies which are complex social organization. The leaf cutting ants can be considered as highly useful or destructive one according to ones viewpoint. It is primarily considered as an agricultural pest. They are principal herbivores in subtropical and semi tropical regions. These ants hunt in the day time when the temperature is around 45 to 80 deg F, but in summer they entirely hunt only in the night. Leaf cutting animals are typically immobile on cold, wet or cloudy days. Unlike any other group of plant feeding animal they have a great outcome in the world.


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