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Rare Odd Couples

The hamsters are most of the time eaten by the snakes as their prey. But this incident that took place in a zoo in the Japanese capital at Tokyo is very mysterious. The rodent eating snake named Aochan has developed an unusual friendship with a hamster named Gohan (means meal). This strange friendship has blossomed since the last October when the zookeeper offered gohan to aochan as a meal. However the snake refused to eat the hamster. Gohan was the first hamster offered to the snake as it refused to eat the frozen rats. But the hamster has now become the very close friend of the snake. Both live in the same cage and gohan falls asleep sitting on the top of his friend. The snake is not worried even though the hamster is investigating his coils. This apparent friendship is like a bond with a leg on each side between the predator and the prey. The scientist were puzzled and enthralled with this relationship because the true bond between them seems to have complete and sole form of communication.


Very Smart Mathematical Dog

Dogs are now becoming smarter than the children. They understand and obey the commands of their owners and make them proud and happy. In this pet show a very smart young dog does maths, this seems very odd but this dog is able to perform it without any mistake or confusion. Before doing the maths the dogs needs little warm says his owner. She places his favorite cookie before the dog and commands him. The dog so eager to eat the cookie, obeys his owners command such as WAIT, TURN, and STOP. The intellectual part of this show is that the dog works with number by hitting his toe (front right one). This seemed very odd to the owner but later she suspected that it has some memory power that gives the actual ability to work with the numbers. The dog was capable of answering not only his owners question but it was able to answer the panelist. The panelist fired the question one by one slowly to the dog such as two times three, four plus four, eight minus two and two times four. For each question the dog listened carefully and tapped his feet in the table to the absolute number. What an intelligent one


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