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Birth of a baby orangutan

Orangutan means wild man. The orangutans are shaped like small men with their sparse, bushy red fur, hulking bodies and smoothed stomachs. In spite of their wild appearance the mother orangutans care their offspring's protectively and lovingly. The mother orangutan at the time of giving birth to their offspring will crib their baby tightly and give them the care and kisses. The mother orangutans suck their baby heads to eat the placenta and lick the baby to them clean. This act of licking the postpartum is essential for usual physiological growth and starts the absorption. It also helps to lay the foundation for the new born baby HPA axis function. They will not allow observers to look their baby. Prevent the baby from outsiders by protecting them with her arms and moving away. This nurturing and caring attitude of the mother orangutans helps to lower the death rate of their species both in the captivity and in the world.

Orangutan birth to a baby and their caring of their babies shows the motherly hood even in animals that lack the sixth sense.


Kalina Birth

It is always amazing to see the killer whales. How interesting to see their birth. Here in this video one of the killer whale named Kalina give birth to her fourth calf. Kalian suffered seven hours of labor pain at last gave birth to a 7 foot long, 350 pound baby. The baby killer whale impulsively swam to the surface of the water to breathe its first fresh air. It was an interesting birth as first the calf's head came out first. Usually killer whale deliveries are observed with the tail first. The birth took place in the pool that is part of the theme park multimillion gallon research and breeding facility. The calf began to nurse within hours. Now kalian has four children and one grand child.


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