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Giant walking stick insect (Megaphasma dentricus)

Megaphasma dentricus is the largest walking stick species in North America. The insect measures about 75mm and 150 mm. The insect takes the appearance of a twig or small branch. The insect is found in red to brown color and in some cases they appear in shades of green color. This insect mainly found in forests and grasslands in the Midwest area. The female walking stick insect lay eggs in a hidden place on the ground in dead or dying leaves and foliage. The eggs will hatch in the spring and the siblings are found to be edible green color. The walking stick insect is found active during the late hours of the day so their movement is not noticeable to any predator. There are about 2500 species in the world. The walking stick insect emits a chemical spray from a gland that could cause temporary blindness and substantial pain. This insect has the capacity to reproduce parthenogenetically (females can clone themselves).

Walking stick insect resembles as a symbol of relationship between the insect and plant.


Weird bugs

Weird bugs are the ugliest ones in the science history. They are about 3-4 inches long having tannish and neutral color. It has a chubby body and head and it so fat than other bugs. The head is in triangular shape with 2 big eyes on the sides. The eyes give an indentation like they are fly eyes. The body of the weird bug is flattened at the bottom and is rounded at the top and looks like almost have a pointed tip. If seen in a cross section view it seems to have a triangular shape. When the bump of the insect comes to a point it seems to be sticken slightly. It has two small wings like structure that are dark brown in color. With every other thin scale of the body it has a protective covering that has a bit dark brown color. It has six legs. The body of the weird bug is too short and so fat.


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