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27 feet long Anaconda

Anacondas are the large and non poisonous snake in the world. They are mainly found in the tropical regions of South America. They are found mostly in waters especially in Amazon River. Anaconda can be seen in many colors like green, yellow etc. here is the video of the world monster anaconda.

This is the world's gigantic monster anaconda that is 27 feet. This snake has played a cameo role in the first part of anaconda movie in 1990's. This is one of the live anacondas that were used for several video clippings. This anaconda is found in Serpent safari which is located in Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee. And it is only snake used for movie from serpent safari.


42 ft biggest snake found

Paleontologist from the Toronto University has unveiled the fossils of the world's largest snake which is 42 feet long. The species weight about more than a ton, the snake would have been longer than a bus. The snake is a relative of boa constrictor. The species Titanoboa cerrejonensis was found in the cerrejon region of northern Colombia.

Studies showed that the Titanoboa would be ball like snake that lived about 16 million years ago. Analyzing the rock where the fossils were found showed that the anaconda habitat the coastal plains of the wet tropical rainforest. And the climate they lived was much hotter than today. Based on the size of the snake the scientist were able to calculate the temperature of the Colombia more than 16 million years ago would be 91 degrees F about 10 degrees warmer than today.


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