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Jaguar vs Anaconda

Here you can see a straight fight between a 200 pound jaguar and a 300 pound anaconda. The power of the jaguar finally prevails. Every creature in the earth has a strange and varying strategy. The snake also has the same characteristics. At the moment the enemy attacks them they try to seize them in to the water body.

And most of the creatures see the dangers encircling at least twice. But not the jaguar. He does not care about it since his blood is immune residents. Hence he goes about the giant anaconda.

In this fight you can see a one bad movement. When the catch of the anaconda appears terrible for the jaguar to breathe. But somehow it removes the bow. Finally here he has got the enemy out to the dry land. Now for all its full strength the anaconda is showing the signs of exhaust and the only step he can take now is to prevent its bony heat. But that seems a matter here since he meets the death. The jaguar has the habit of ignoring the enemy completely once they are death.


Cobra vs Lion

What an unexpected meet between a lion and the cobra. Both of the stares at each other. What the snake thoughts nobody knows he suddenly splits the poison into the snakes eye. This burns terribly and would blind the lion. The poison would sometimes lead to death. This makes the lion to run away from the cobra.

What a clever cobra? What a trick it uses to escape from its enemy without even biting or touching them.


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