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endangered animal lion

King of the forest

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Mammalia
  • Order : Carnivora
  • Family : Felidae
  • Genus : Panthera
  • Species : Leo
  • Common Name : Lion
  • Scientific name : Panthera Leo

Lion is the largest mammal in the cat family. They belong to the class vertebrates. Lions are the true social cat in the animal kingdom. In animal world lions are the biggest carnivores. Inspite of having these fames they are the laziest animal in the wild. Lions are active only two to fours a day. But at night time they are very active. Lions have a color from tawny to sandy brown and the cubs have spots on their lower parts. Adult male have manes around their neck and are huger than the female.

The male lion can weigh up to 250 kg while the female can weigh only 180 kg. In the world this animal can live around 10 years and in captivity it can live up to 25 to 30 years. Lions usually live in a group called pride which consists of male (7), female (20) and cubs. Only the female lion goes for hunting while the male maintain their boundary limit. The male lions are expelled from the pride when they attend their adulthood.

Lions prefer living in the forest. Lions have wild beast, zebra, buffalo, giraffe etc for their prey. They also eat birds, reptiles, fish, insects and even mammals which are smaller than the mice.

pet animals dog and pups

Lovable pets

Pets are always prominent for their loyal, playful characteristics, attractive appearance and for their amazing talents. All the animals can be kept as a pet but practically only a few species are allowed to be kept as pet for safety. Practically animals like dogs, cats, cows and other small animals, birds such as parrot, fish etc are kept as pets. Only few animals are capable of adapting to humans interaction and are called domesticable. Dog is the best example for the domestic animal and are mans best friend. Cats are also capable of being in human control. Horses can also be human companionship or a work animal. Keeping lizards such as green iguanas and large snakes are called exotic pets. But these are not suitable pets for an ordinary person as they need more care and diet. If not properly handled they might become quite aggressive. By adapting animals as pets a lot of satisfaction can be obtained. Choosing an animal as a pet requires thinking that one can look after it properly. Questions such as is there enough space for pets, what does the family members think of the pet, will they able to exercise the pet regularly and will they able to monitor and fed the pet regularly. All the pet animals have their own rights to live in the world. Like parrots need warm place to sleep, dogs and cats want to move around freely and fishes need a clean and cool aquarium to swim. So keeping those animals requires giving them all the necessities they need in the homes.

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