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damselfly mating

Yellow Damselfly Mating

This stunning shot of damselfly was taken at a beautiful location Vedanthangal. Highlighted feature of this photo is that color difference easily seen between the male and female. Female is the green one at the top and male is the red one at the bottom

Damselflies are found in red, blue, black, yellow and green in color. They have thin bodies and lozenge heads which have stuffed eyes and short antennae. Mating in damselfly is usually uncommon. During mating the flies are seem to fly in pairs

The male deposit the sperms on the abdomen of the female by bending its abdomen forward. Then the male holds the head of the female at the back with claspers that is present at the tip of the abdomen and the pairs can be seen in a cycle. Female then promotes her abdomen and suck the sperms from the male

The flies lay eggs in emerging plants, floating vegetation and directly into the water. The hatched eggs do not enter the larval or pupal stages

butterfly mating

Butterfly Mating

The life cycle and mating of butterflies is one of the wonders of the world. Butterflies reproduce by laying eggs

Butterflies start their mating with a courtship routine which helps them to discover the budding mate. The pairs recognize themselves with the help of their color, size, shape and vein structures in the wings. They can identify their mate with the help of scents

At the time of mating the male butterflies uses their clasping organs present in their abdomen to clutch the females. The males transfer the sperms into the female. The females store the sperms in the bursa (sac)

Depending on the species the females lay eggs. Some species lay one egg at a time and some lay in batches

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