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swiss cow

Swiss Cows

Swiss cows are the one of the dairy cattle type and are the second largest milk yielding cow in the world. The milk of the Swiss cow contains 4% of butterfat and 3.5% of protein. Hence their milk gives tremendous cheese.

Swiss cows are large and fleshy. They have large furry ears. They are seemed to be slow maturing. They can be found in colors ranging from gray to light/dark brown. These are the oldest breed cows and are used for three different purposes like dairy, beef and for labor. The Swiss cows are noted for their extremely tamed character.

The first Swiss cow originated on the slopes of Alps in Swiss and was brought up in the harsh climatic condition. Hence they are capable of withstanding heat, cold and other climatic changes. The Swiss cows are a resilient cattle breed and they require only little care and attention. They can exist on little feed.


Coppersmith bird

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Aves
  • Order : Piciformes
  • Family : Megalaimidae
  • Genus : Megalaima
  • Species : M. haemacephala
  • Binomial name : Megalaima haemacephala

Coppersmith birds are mainly found in the wooden areas. The bird is about 17cm in size and is brightly colored. Above and below the eyes yellow batches are found and on the flanks and belly dark stripes are found. It also has patches on the breast. Legs and feet are dark red in color.

The coppersmith bird is noted for its metronomic call. They are found in parts of Southeast Asia and in south Asia. These birds built their nest in the tree by making a hole in the tree.

Coppersmith bird feed on fruits and occasionally they feed on insects.

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