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south african penguin

South African Penguin

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Subphylum : Vertebrata
  • Class : Aves
  • Order : Spheniscidae
  • Family : Spheniscidae
  • Genus : Spheniscus
  • Species : Demersus

African Penguins (Spheniscus Demersus) also called as Black-footed Penguins are ancient, flightless, aquatic birds probably evolved 65 million years ago. They are about 68cm (19.7 inches) in length and 2.1 – 3.7kg (4.63 - 8.16 pounds) in weight. It is gradually present in south-western coast of African islands between Namibia and Algoa Bay, near Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

African Penguins feed mainly on pelagic fish (fish that swim on the upper layer of ocean). As an average Penguin will eat between 300g and up to 1kg based on their moulting or when feeding chicks. There are seventeen species all through the world but African Penguin is the only one having habitat in African continent and its inshore islands.

The African Penguin’s braying sound on land is like donkeys, for this reason it can also be called as Jackass Penguin. It can be distinguished either as male or female, only by their size. Male penguins are lightly larger and have longer bills than female.

African Penguin can start breeding usually at the age of 4. It can stay behind with a single partner for many years thereby producing one or two eggs a year. If procreation has failed then only they separate normally. They can breed largely in March to May and the incubation period lasts for forty days.



  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Mammalia
  • Order : Carniora
  • Family : Felidae
  • Genus : Acinonyx
  • Species : Jubatus

The Cheetah was considered to be a primitive among the cats; they have evolved 18 million years ago approximately. The weight of adult Cheetah ranges from 36 to 65 kg. Its body length is from 115 to 135 cm (45 to 53 inches) and the tail measure up to 84 cm (33 inches). Cheetahs are high at the shoulder from 67 to 94 cm (26 to 37 inches).

“King Cheetahs” having larger, blotchy and merged spots. It is thought to be a separate subspecies but it is a mutation of African Cheetah. Cheetahs always like to live in semi-desert, thick bush and prairie. But it also having habitat in grasslands, savannahs and mountainous terrain. Male Cheetahs are slightly larger in size than females and have slightly bigger heads. Other rare colors in Cheetah include speckles, melanism, albinism and gray coloration. In 1608, it is recorded as white tiger was presented to Jahangir, the Indian Mughal Emperor.

The Cheetah can have a running speed of about 112 to 120 km/h. It cannot roar but it has different vocalizations as Chirping, Growling, Yowling and Purring. The Cheetah mostly eat mammals under 40 kg that is 90 lb. It can hunt the prey by vision rather than by scent. It can chase the prey within 10-30 m. Cheetah has an average success hunting rate of around 50%.

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