Animal Facts

July 31st, 2009

Animals are the second largest population in the world next to human beings. Numerous of animal variety can be found all over the world. Each day a new species has been found in the world when scientists try to explore deep in the forest and sea.

The whole animal kingdom can be divided into animals, birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. Each one has their own characteristics. The way of living differs from one species to the other. Both dangerous and useful animals extinct in this world.

Animals are of great help to the human society from the ancient time itself. It was the first transport medium used also as a useful weapon in agriculture. It also acts as a first security guard. Animals like dog, monkey, rat etc., sacrifice themselves to give life to man kind. Since scientist used them for the vaccination produced. Learning about the animals gives shocking and surprising information to the learners. The activity, habitat, character etc., of the wild live teach some thing new to the human society.

For example when ants go for food hunting them all go and come in a straight line. When a single ant finds food it calls its friends and share among them. During summer they work day and night to collect food and store them. They use the food storage during the winter and rainy season, enjoying their life within their home. These teach us the necessity of discipline, sharing and saving quality.

One can also learn about the truth from the elephant, obedience and kindness from the day and patience from the cow. So there is a lot to be known about the animal kingdom to educate you.

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