Amphibians Life:

October 29th, 2009

Amphibians are one of the types of chordates and the word amphibian means both sides of life. This is because the amphibian begins its life in the water (breathing with gills) and then finishes it mainly on land (breathing with lungs).

Amphibians are cold-blooded vertebrates that expend part of their life on dry land and part in fresh water. This means with the purpose of their body temperature vary with the surrounding air or water temperature and do not remain constant as in warm-blooded animals.

The skin of amphibian is thin and moist, and many get some of their oxygen all the way through their skins. It has a brain, nervous system and two eyes, with a third extra protective eyelid for while it is on land.

Amphibians are of three major divisions, they are Caecilians, Salamanders & Newts, and Frog & Toads. Caecilians are burrow in-group and long bodies shape like worm, many of these types do not have eyes. Salamanders & Newts are having tails. Frog & Toads do not have tail.

Male amphibians try to claim a female amphibian. Those kinds of male who get successful will fertilize up to 4000 eggs as the female lays the eggs, which are in a jellylike layer. Immediately male amphibian come and fertilizes it. Black & white eggs are lays by frog and the young frog called tadpole those are hang on plants. Amphibians lay eggs in water and the young amphibians resemble like small fish.

Adult amphibian spends most of the time out of water living in and the damp moisture area. The food habits of amphibian are slugs, small invertebrates and worm.

Amphibians are no longer present in some areas they were in recent times abundant, including relatively pristine, without interruption habitats. This is taking place in numerous areas of the world. At the same time, amphibian populations are stable and on the increase in other regions. Research is under way to find out why some populations are declining and others are not.

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