Four-eyed turtle

December 23rd, 2009

The Endangered four eye turtle is well known reptile and named for the outstanding circular shape on the top of the head that looks like eyes. The upper shell is brown speckled with dark flecks. The bottom shell is salmon pink and also with dark flecks and marks.

The turtle are small and rarely exceeding 5 inches. Despite the fact that basically brown, the head can be quite colorful, with the yellow or green “eyes,” yellow stripes, and pink or red throat. The head of the turtle is either brown or black and the jaw is dark brown with pink chin.

From the head three stripes run back along the neck, forelimbs back are dark brown have a pink-red touch.The webbed feet are suitable for the turtle. Its carapace characteristically ranges in color from a yellowish-tan to a deep chocolate-brown and all turtles have a diverse pattern of lines.

Four-eyed turtles crop up in freshwater streams, brooks, and ponds in woodland, regularly mountainous habitat. As a result of their rocky surrounds, they have evolved to become adept climbers.

While their food preference known that they do eat a wide assortment of animals and plants including crickets, worms, snails, trout chow, aquatic plants, greens and lettuces, and certain fruits.

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