Ghost slug – Selenochlamys ysbryda

January 30th, 2010

The ghost slug the carnivorous nocturnal slug was first discovered in Wales in 2006. The leading researchers and scientist believe that ghost slug may be an introduced species and their relatives are found to be in Eastern Europe.

The first species of the ghost slug was spotted on 2006 and was taken a photograph. Wales a gardener in Cardiff in 2007 invented another slug and brought the discovery to the local university researchers. Once the scientist and researchers worked on the specimen they realized that they have found a new species.

Ghost slug belongs to the kingdom Animalia, phylum Mollusca and class Gastropoda. The family of the slug is Trigonochlamydidae and their super family is Parmacelloidea and belongs to the genus Seleochlamys.

Ghost slugs are white in color giving the appearance of the banana slug dipped in the bleach at the first appearance. The original name Selenochlamys ysbryda is derived from welsh word ysbryd meaning ghost. Ghost slugs are eyeless instead they have a pair of sharp teeth which they use to catch their prey like worms.

The lack of eyes and the nocturnal habit make the researchers believe that the ghost slugs may be evolved in a cave environment. The discovery of the ghost slug highlights the role of the general public in the field of science. If the gardener had not brought the slug to the university the scientist would not have made the discovery. And the slug would have become extinct before they get the attention of the scientific authorities.

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