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Black Robin

The Black robin or Chantham island robin (Petroica traversi) closely related to the New Zealand robin (P. australis) is an endangered bird found in the Chatham Islands to the east coast of New Zealand. More


The kakapo (strigops habroptila) meaning the night parrot also called the owl parrot is a species of nocturnal parrot endemic to New Zealand. More

Laysan Duck

Laysan Duck because of its small size it is also known as Laysan Teal. It belongs to the Hawaiian Islands. More

Whooping Crane

The tallest North American bird also known as Grus Americana, is known for its whooping sound and call. More

Chinese Crested Tern

It is a seabird of the tern family sternidae. It related closely to the sandwich tern T. sandvicensis and lesser-crested tern T. bengalensis. More


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