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Unbelievable mimicker bird - Superb Lyrebird

Australia has some eight hundred species of birds. Rising from the big selection of parrots up to the large flightless birds the Ostrich. The animals worlds greatest copy cat is the superb Lyrebird. The master of mimicker capable of one hundred different sounds using his extraordinary powers of mimicry. The male tail resembles a Greek lyre (musical instrument) hence they got the name "lyrebird". The lyrebirds are the world's largest signing bird. This bird has the capacity to imitate 20 other bird calls. The superb lyrebird is in the size of a rooster and is brown above and ash below. The wings are refous in color and the bill, legs and feet are back in color. Female's birds are smaller than the male ones. It has a long pointed bill, long neck, large and strong legs and feet. This bird is found in the south-eastern Australian mainland and southern Tasmania. The songs of the lyrebird are more impressive. The bird has a species specific vocalization and the songs are composed of mimic phrase of the other birds and natural sounds. The lyrebird songs consist of 80% expert mimicry. The birds join the natural and mechanical sound together into a rousing melody. It also reveals different series of whistles and cackling notes that are used for territorial calls as well as loud alarm.


Bird of Paradise

Also known as the Berlepsch's six-wired bird (Parotia berlepachi) is a medium sized bird of black paradise. The bird is named so because of the six fine feathers on the male's head which can be raised and traumatized in courtship displays. The paradise bird is a member of the Paradisaeidae family and the order Passeriformes. Paradise birds have crow like body structure, long bills and strong feet. The bird has bronze tinged upperparts, noticeable white flank plumes, shimmering coppery greenish breast plumes and six flag tipped head wires. The head wires lack in female and the female has dark barred white lower parts, brown upperparts and rufous wings. The irides of both male and female are white in color. The paradise birds are often considered as a subspecies of the carolas parotia. But the paradise birds have a heavy bronzed feathers and no eye ring. The feathers of the males are highly elongated and the highly structured feathers extend from the beak, wings or the head. The greater bird of paradise is 43cm long. They live in tropical forest including rainforest. The birds of paradise are noted for its beautiful plumes.


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