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Clever bird - fishes like human

This bird is regarded as a green heron and is the cleverest bird in the world. This bird has gained attention overnight. What interesting about this bird is that it fishes like a human. It just takes a piece of bread places it in the pond and waits like human until the fish catches the bread. Once when he sees the fish near the bread it catches it. When it does not find any prey at the place he moves to the next place without any doubt or not even to any time to think. With this act this bird has stunned the scientist all around the world. This amazing and clever bird not only uses the bread to attract the fish it also uses small insects, objects and feathers in the water body to attract the fishes. How clever he is!


Bird speaking comically

We all know that parrots are able to speak. But this funny parrot speaks as well as does the mimicry. She answers the questions asked by her owner and makes the audience laugh. She welcomes the audience with a warm greeting by saying "Hello". She says his name. She answers all the funny question asked and mimicries certain birds and animals. Birds like owl, dove etc. and animals like tiger, gorilla etc. what a funny and lovely bird.

This bird is now an example that birds and animals are like children when they are properly trained they can be brought up like your own children.


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