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The Philippine Eagle - Monkey eating eagle

Scientific name: Pithecophaga Jefferyi

Jefferyi is one of the most powerful, largest bird in the world. It is also a rare bird found only in Philippines. This amazing bird was discovered in 1896 and was named monkey eating eagle since it only have monkey as its prey. After a deep study about the bird, it was found that the bird prey on other animals like colugo, civets, large snakes, snakes and even birds.

The bird is found in brown color and the head has long brown feather that looks like a lion mane. The bird is 1m long and weighs about 7kg. The wing of the bird expands to about 2m. So the Philippine eagle is the world's tallest and large winged eagle in the world. The life span of the eagle is 30-60 years. Similar to other eagles the Philippine eagle also has the practice of living with one female throughout its lifetime. They build the nest 30m above the ground level and the female lays one egg. The young ones will be taken care by the parents for at least 20 months.

The eagle is also called as Haring Ibon or Haribon meaning "Bird King".


White raven bird

Many people are imaging that the ravens are black in color. But raven can also be finding in white colors. They can also be fully white or partially. The partially white ravens have the white color around their neck. The major difference between the black ones and the white ones are that the black ones have eyes in black color and the white ones have their eyes in pink color. They are found in the parts of Corvus albicollis, of Africa


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