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Wonderful bird migration

Bird migration is nothing but the normal seasonal voyage undertaken by birds. This will be a fantastic sight for the bird watcher lovers. The bird migration can even happen in our backyards

The climatic changes in the length of the days make some hormonal changes in the birds which tends them to migrate

Birds usually migrate to long distance and the most common one is the migration of birds to north in spring and returning to their home place during winter. Migration can also take place due to some other reasons like food availability, weather, habitat, etc

During migration birds can fly to a height of about 500 to 2000 m. Some birds fly to a height of 6, 800 m and the swans fly to a height of about 8,000m. And the Bar-Headed Geese is found to fly at a height of about 9,000m

Conversation of energy is the main advantage of Bird's migration


Migrating Storks

The most know migrating bird are the storks. Storks are mostly found in Europe and for winter they migrate to sub Saharan Africa

The storks are found to migrate for late winter and early spring and they return south for early fall in late summer. During migration the storks rest at various places. These resting places are called as "Stepping stone Biotopes"

The storks take their routes over Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. They avoid taking shortcuts like other birds like flycatchers and warblers

Storks travel on air currents to move from one place to another. The storks locate warm air currents and leave the current to carry them up in the sky. This makes them to move smoothly for long distances. Storks migrate in large number as well limits their migration routes


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