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Northern Cardinal

The northern cardinal is one of the famous and easily spotted birds in North America. This beautiful bird is named after the early American settlers in the Roman Catholic Church who wear red ropes and caps. Northern cardinal birds are strongly protective and have a loud and whistling voice.

Northern cardinal birds are mid sized song birds that has a crested head, black mask around its eyes and brilliant red body. The bird ranges from southern Canada to Mexico and eastern half of the continent. These amazing birds learn the songs so the tunes of the birds vary by region.

The northern cardinal birds are 8 to 9 inches long and weigh above 28 to 7 gm. It has distant orange beaks shaped absolutely for eating the beads. They also diet on insects, snails, and maple sap. The males have brilliant red feathers than the females.


Jurong Bird Park - enthralling feathered species planet

Singapore's great tourist attraction is the Jurong Bird Park. This park is superintendent by the wildlife reserves of Singapore. It has been constructed on the westerly slope of the Jurong hill in an area of around 202,000 sq meters. This landscape park is located in the Boon Lay Planning area in the jurong district.

A visit to this park can regenerate the senses and make one ready to go back to the past phase of the life with fully charged. This parks act as a home for about 7,000 birds which fall under 600 species. With a wide variety of beautiful birds this amazing park will surely stunt the visitors without any doubt.

Before starting your adventure in this park you can go in for an orientation trip on the panorail. It is a fully air conditioned monorail system with stunning running commentary. The park also offers a wide variety of exhibits with many new facilities making your visit to this park a memorable one. The exhibits made in this park are really breath taking making the visit worthy.


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