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Baby cockatiel hatching

This is the lovely video of a baby cockatiel hatching form the egg. The young adult cocktail helps the chick with the hatch by clipping away the shells little. The mother helps the struggling chick to come out of the shell. The cute little yellow puffball comes out. How cute it is? It also wets the chick throats by giving the liquid in its mouth.

What a great motherhood in birds also.


Chick hatching

The chicks found their way out of the egg by making a hole with the help of egg tooth present at the top of their beak. The crack gets eventually larger and the chicks begin to move inside. The chick will have enough strength to push them outside the shell. This is a long process and sometimes it may take even one day for the chicks to come out of the egg shell. The humidity at the place where the chicks are hatching should be at the proper level as this is very important in removing the shell from the body of the chick. If the chicks are hatched in the incubator they left in the incubator for at least 24 hours.


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