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World's smallest bird - Bee Humming bird

The world's smallest bird is the Bee Humming bird. These birds are found in the regions of Cuba and Isla de Juventud. These birds are very mobile and fervent. Humming birds are uncooperative birds and they are very courageous when the big birds attack them.

The humming birds usually weight about 1.6 g and their length is about 5.7 cm. The tail and the beak take half the length of the bird. The female humming birds are little larger than the males.

The male humming birds have green pileum with red throat. The upper part is bluish in color and the rest of the parts are mostly grayish white. The females have green upper part and pale gray underside. The tips of the female humming birds will have the white spots.

The humming birds can fly at a speed of about 80 km/h. The female humming birds can lay two eggs at a time. The humming birds are seen to be eating every ten minutes. The maximum life span of the humming birds is 8 years.


World's largest bird

World's largest birds are the Ostrich. These birds are native to Africa. Ostriches are flightless birds. It is idiosyncratic in its appearance. Ostrich have long legs and necks. So they can run at a speed of about 72 km/h reaching 45 miles/h. These are the fastest running land bird.

Ostrich feed mainly on plant matters and they also feed on insects. The male ostriches are 6 to 9 feet in height while the females are 5.5 to 6.5 feet tall. The eyes of the ostrich are the largest in the world among all the vertebrates. It is about 50 mm in diameter. The skin color of the ostrich varies depending on the species. The beak of the ostrich is flat and broad. The ostriches weights about 150 to 330 pounds. The maximum life span of the ostrich is about 30 to 70 years.

The ostrich are farmed for their feathers, meat, and skins.


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