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Parrot TV Show

Parrots are the only birds in the world that can mimic other voices. Here in this video we can see a parrot from Vasteras, Sweden does her first live show on Swedish National TV. As her owner plays the music the parrot sings beautifully moving here and there as if she was dancing. The parrot was named Mimmi. The parrot is as cute as it sings beautifully.

It is an unknown fact that parrots not only mimic human voices but it can also mimic other animals and sounds. Parrots learn to say a lot of words and phrases with training.

What a lovely creature god has made!


Talented Robin singing

Robins are the migratory song bird that belongs to the thrush family. It was a very cold morning the robin was singing as it was a spring time. The robin sand a rich and warbling song which was so cheerful.

Robins are famous for their singing. The male robins can sing beautiful, complex, and continuous song. It is most commonly described as a cheerily carol. The song of the robins varies by region. And the style of the song is also said to vary depending on the time of the day.

The robins are the first song birds to sing as the dawn rises and sets in the evening. The robins are usually found singing high in a tree. In addition to the songs robins can make different calls which are used for communication the information between them. Some of the calls are PEEK!! tut tut tut tut..., he-he-he-he, etc.


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