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Eagle Catches Fox and Wolf

Eagle the bird of prey is used to catch the Fox and Wolf in Mongolia. In short it can be said that eagles are used for hunting these animals. Each hunter has their own eagle. The eagles are biggest to their size and are given training to trap these animals.

The hunters on the horse back have their eagles in the right hand. When they spot an animal the eagles are ordered to trap it. The eagles fly to their speed and knock the animal by its head and completely turn it over holding it tightly with its claws. The hunter than comes and catch hold of the animal. The eagles are given flesh as a compliment.

What a strange idea to use these birds of prey to catch these animals.


Two Eagles Catch a Wolf

This video is about how two birds of prey - the eagle catches a wolf for their food.

The eagle flying high in the sky spots a wolf, it comes down with its full speed attacking the wolf by its head then turning it upside down. But the wolf gets the neck of the eagle trying to attack it. Another eagle seeing it comes to attack the same wolf.

The wolf now has to fight with two eagles. The fight between the three is becoming more and more serious. the wolf attacked by the two eagles try to catch the feather and neck of the birds to protect him but the birds keep on catching its head and leg one after other trying to complete hurt it.

What knowledge to both the animals to protect themselves and to protect the animals of their same species.


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