Bird Facts

  • Birds are warm-blooded. They have feathers, wings and lay eggs.
  • Birds can fly with the help of their hollow bone.
  • Chicken is the most common species of bird all over the world.
  • Ostrich is the largest bird in the world. Bee humming bird is the smallest living bird.
  • Hummingbirds can fly backwards.



Birds the beautiful creatures that can be seen all around the globe. They can be seen in our houses and gardens nesting and feeding theri young ones. They are very interesting to see and a lovable ones. It is so interesting to watch and observe the birds and to note their varying characteristics.

Birds can be seen in all the landmasses including the poles. They can also be seen over the seas and oceans.

The most beloved group of the wild animals are the birds. Their color, intelligence, action and mannerism attract people's of all age groups.

Birds are warm blooded vertebrates that bleong to the class aves. The body of the birds are streamlined and is covered with feather and its forelimbs are converted into wings. Today about 9,703 species of birds live all over the globe and they are divided into 23 orders,and 142 families. To know more about the classification of birds please refer to Classification of birds.

It is quite difficult to estimate the total population of the birds in the universe since their numbers are increasing seasonally. But the scientist and researchers suggest that there might be around 100,00 to 200,000 millions birds in the universe. So the birds are the most populous animals in the world. Birds have different characteristic totally different from other animals.

Birds are the only creatures in the world that have the capacity to walk, fly, sing, dance and swim. Birds are warm blooded animals with high body temperature that is necessary for their flights. The most highlighted characteristic of the birds is it's feathers. No other living organisms in the world has wings (feathers). They are the light weight organisms and they have the capacity to grow feathers each year. To more about the characteristic of the birds refer to Characteristic of Birds.

Birds have higher metabolism than the reptiles so it is important to learn the anatomy of the birds in detail. To konw more about the birds internal and external body parts refer to the page Anatomy of Birds.

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