Mammals Facts

  • Mammals are warm-blooded animals.
  • Mammals are born live. Only two mammals hatch from eggs.
  • Mammals drink milk from their mothers.
  • Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  • Dolphin and whale babies do not sleep the first month of their life.

Characteristics Of Mammals

Today as we travel around the globe we are able to find thousands of mammal species occupying this beautiful world. And the scientist are discovery a new species then and then. Mammals are vertebrates and are warm blooded animals. They have different characteristics that are far apart from other animal species. The unique feature of the mammal's family is that they feed their young ones with their milk produced by the mammary gland. And all most all the mammals give birth to their young ones.

The general structure of the mammalian characteristic are:

  • Mammals are endothermic vertebrates
  • Have hair and fur on the body
  • Have mammary glands
  • Four chambered hearts
  • Have sebaceous (fat secreting glands), sudoriferus (sweat), and scent glands.
  • Have heterodont dentation (different types of teeth)
  • Posses diaphragm
  • Posses one single jaw bone
  • Have three small bones in the middle of the ear

Other characteristics

Mammals possess other characteristic that are different from other animals but they are all not so apparent.

Diaphragm is a muscular wall that is used to separate the heart and the lungs from the stomach. The brain of the mammals is a developed one than any other animals in the world.

The four chambered heart of the mammals helps to circulate the blood and oxygen throughout the body. Mammals with the help of lungs breathe in the air for respiration.

Conspicuous characteristic of mammals

The conspicuous characteristics of mammals help you to identify any species in the world as mammals. They are as follows:

  • Mammals can be easily identified by their external ears.
  • Females have the milk secreting organs to feed their young ones so they are easily identified by the mammary glands.
  • Seat, ears and hair glands help to distinguish between the male and female mammals.
  • Mammals posses teeth.
  • During development the mammals use their placenta
  • Some mammals are found to be egg laying and mammals with pouch
  • Hair and fur on the body also helps to identify the mammals class easily
  • Mammals have a single heart with multiple arteries.


Diphyodonty is the process of tooth replacement. Because the young mammals have teeth that are smaller and weaker these weaker teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth once they attaint their adult hood


Endothermy means metabolism. Mammals seem to have a high metabolic rate just like birds.


This is the important characteristic of the mammal class. Most of the mammals lack the color vision except a few. Because of the nocturnal heritage of characteristic of the mammals the color vision has less value and importance. The photoreceptors help the mammals to distinguish between the colors. But most of the mammals are color blind


Except human all the most of the mammals walk in four legs. Humans have the capacity to walk in two legs. Aquatic mammals possess fins for swimming.

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