Mammals Facts

  • Mammals are warm-blooded animals.
  • Mammals are born live. Only two mammals hatch from eggs.
  • Mammals drink milk from their mothers.
  • Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  • Dolphin and whale babies do not sleep the first month of their life.



Mammals are endothermic and are warm blooded animals. Of all the class in the animal world the mammals are considered to be the most advanced and popular class. They are the oldest animals in the world that live from the world of dinosaurs. Mammals belong to the class mammalia and are the only class that has hair and feed their young ones with the milk produced by the mammary glands.

Dogs and cats that we house are mammals; horse, sheep, baboons, giraffes and elephants are also mammals. We the human beings also belong to the class mammals.

Mammals are homeothermic and they keep their body temperature constant at all times. They react immediately to any difference in the temperature. The skin of the mammals is very important in regulating the temperature. The presence of hair and fur on the body helps the mammals to maintain their body temperature constant.

Mammals vary greatly in their size. The smallest mammal is the shrew that little more than 2 inches and the largest mammal is the blue whale which can measure 100 feet long 130 tons in weight. They also differ in their structure, since some mammals walk in four legs, some fly and mammals like dolphins, whales can swim.

Mammals have the capacity to adapt themselves to any type of environment including land, air and water. This adaptation is successful because of their ability to regulate their own body temperature. Not only the temperature withstanding makes them suitable for all the temperature but also their locomotion habits help the mammals in this behavior.

To know more about the characteristic of mammals and their adaptation to all kinds of environment refer to Characteristic Of Mammals.

Mammals are of different types such as small mammals, large ones and even marine mammals. Though mammals are classified in to different types but all the mammals have some characters in common. All the mammals give birth to the young ones and feed them with their milk. You can see the deep classification of mammals by referring to the page Classificaion Of Mammals.

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