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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

New fish species in Mexico Gulf

Updated on : 14th July 2010

Two new species of pancake bat fish has been found in Gulf of Mexico. These fish are bottom-dwelling fish with large mouths. Their dorsal fins are modified into lure to help them to catch the prey. The fish can even walk in the sea bottom by using their short fins. The bat fish are found to be living permanently in the dark waters and they are the members of the angler fish family. The newly discovered species has difference in their shape, patterning, and separation

Ocean depths 10 new species

Updated on : 7th July 2010

A group of scientists on their voyage came back with 10 creepily new marine species

Acorn Worm:

Acorn worm a seafloor sediment found in the North Atlantic

Comb Jelly:

This can also be called as golden fellow or bathypelagic ctenophore. This jelly fish anchors itself to the sea floor with the help of its tentacles

Sea Cucumber:

Generally sea cucumber or incredibly slow crawling species on the flat plains of the ocean floor, but the new newly discovered species are able to move fast, the researchers were surprised to see this. The sea cucumber were found 8,000 feet below the surface

Basket Star:

Basket star use their tentacles to pull their prey to eat. No one can escape from the basket star

The other creatures were Jellyfish and Scale worm

New frog species in Panama

Updated on : 7th July 2010

Coalition of conservation groups has announced the discovery of 3 potential frog species in Panama during Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation project. Of the three species two frogs belong to the same genus (Pristimantis). Among one frog has red tomato colored stomach and the other one is quite larger than the other relative species

New frog species discovered

Updated on : 17th June 2010

A new frog species was discovered in the Flinder Ranges of south Australia. The newly discovered frog species is very small and it is easily blended with the dusky and rocky surroundings. The makings in the frog make it distinguishable from the other species. The frog measures one inch in the old scale. The frog is pale brown in color and it has small discs in its finger which makes it to climb. The back of the frog is frecked and it has some small marking which make it unique from other species

This is the first frog species found in south Africa after half a century

Two New Frog Species Panama

Updated on : 7th June 2010

Omar Torrijos National Park researchers have found a new species of frog that has round fingers and disks toes. The species is named as Pristimantis educatoris. The frog is only .8 to 1.6 inches long

Another frog species was identified in a trip to Darien Province near to Colombia border. This frog species is named as Pristimantis adnus

But the two newly discovered frog species was threatened by the fungus. The fungus in these regions are making the frogs to become ill and to the worst case many frogs are killed. The researchers say that there would be many uncovered species in this regions where the latest two frog species were discovered

New Gecko Species was been discovered by the scientists

Updated on : 3rd June 2010

The West African Gecko which was thought to be one of the species found early, but it has been identified that it is a separate species that has been evolved more than 100,000 years. This was confirmed after analyzing the DNA sequence of the gecko which does not have any physical difference

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