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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

Cat sized stunning monkey found in Amazon

Updated on : 11th August 2010

On exploring Colombian Amazon a new species of monkey has been identified. The cat sized monkey belongs to titi monkey species. And the newly created species is critically endangered because of the loss of habitat and because of its small population also. The discovery was announced publicly on Thursday. The new monkey does not have the white bar on its forehead. Parents give birth to the baby in year. As estimate there are 250 individuals in the world

New 52 marine species

Updated on : 11th August 2010

In a joint sea exploration the Indonesian and American scientist have discovered 52 new species. The species includes, fish, coral, and shells. All these species were discovered from 300 meters to 2,000 meters deep in the ocean. It took two months to discover all these species

New Turtle species in America

Updated on : 25th July 2010

A small turtle species that eats small clam has been found by the scientists of US Geological Survey in Louisiana and Mississippi. The new species is found to be living only in the Pearl River. The turtle is given the name Map turtle and its scientific name is Graptemys pearlensis

The male turtle is smaller than the females and the males does not eat the clams like the females. The females are big as twice as the males so that they can easily open the clams with the help of their jaws. The species that live in the pearl river can also adopt themselves to the freshwater rivers and streams

Four Octopus species in Antarctica

Updated on : 23rd July 2010

Researchers have found four new species of octopus in Antarctica that carry venom that can work at sub-zero temperature

The molluscs range from just 5 cm to giants. The octopus uses the venom as perfect killing weapon. The octopus kill their enemy by drilling small holes in their body through which they inject the venom to the body

The researchers say's that it is quite remarkable to see that the octopus adaption to the Antarctic life

New mollusc discovered off Coast

Updated on : 16th July 2010

The Noosa-inspired team of scientist have found a new species of mollusc while diving off the shore of sunshine. The new species is found to have ruffled yellow outer with tiny featuring tentacles and prongs. The new species has a gold ring outside the body. These Molluscs species are found to be exist in Great Barrier Reef and in Northern New South Wales

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