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wood eating catfishWood eating catfish discovered

Updated on : 30th August 2010

A new species of catfish that eats wood from the fallen logs has been discovered. The fish has the teeth shaped like spoons to make the eating process easier


USA New Turtle Speciespearl map turtle

Updated on : 30th August 2010

A new turtle species have been identified by the scientist in USA which has been marked as a Pearl Map Turtle. Its scientific name is Graptemys pearlensis. The turtle was found in the Pearl River in Louisiana and Mississippi. Graptemys is a Greek word meaning “Map Turtle”. The turtle is named so because of its map-like pattern of light colored lines seen in their shells. And the Greek word Pearlensis means “from the pearl” which reference the river which the turtle calls the home


Indonesian sea has 50 new species

Updated on : 27th August 2010

Indonesia and United States on their joint expedition in three weeks have found dozens of news plant and animals species under the sea. The three week expedition has been ended on August 14, 2010 and the researchers on August 26, 2010 have calculated that there are 50 species of plants and animals that have not been seen before. The scientist were also able to predict some endangered species also

Three new frog species in Panama

Frog Species In PanamaUpdated on : 23rd August 2010

Three new frog species have been discovered in the Panama region and they are in the danger of extinct. The newly discovered two frog species along with the robber frog were discovered from a disease free mountain region of the Eastern Panama. The two new frog species belong to the genus Pristimantis and the robber frog species belong to the genus Craugastor

Miniature frog species in Malaysian Borneo

Updated on : 19th August 2010miniature frog species

A pea-sized amphibian frog species has been found in a little pitcher plant in the Sarawak forest in Malaysian Borneo. This is the world's tiniest frog

The scientist found the new species near the edge of a road that leads to Gunng Serapi Mountain in Sarawak's Kubah National park. The new species was named as Microhyla nepenthicola. The new species of frog lays eggs on the sides of the pitcher plant and the tadpole grows in the liquid that is present inside the plant

The adult of the plant species ranges from 10.6 to 12.8 mm. Because of their small size it was difficult for the scientist to discover them

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