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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

Eighth Gecko species uncovered in Vietnam

Updated on : 13th Jan 2010 06:05 p.m IST.

The Vietnamese and German scientist found the eighth Gecko species in Vietnam.

The species will be given the name of the assistant professor.

New gecko species discovered in Vietnam Le Xuan Canh who belongs to the Institute for Ecology and Creature Resources.

This new discovery was announced in the Zootaxa magazine in January 13, 2010. The species was found in the region of Huu Lien, Lang Son province and Sapa, Lao Cai Province.

Amazing Strawberry Crab

Updated on : 1st Jan 2010 06:05 p.m IST.

The marine biologist has uncovered a new crab species that resembles a large strawberry in Taiwan. This crab species was discovered on January 1, 2010.

This unusual crustacean species was found in the coast of southern Taiwan. The crab had a bright red shell. The clam shaped shell was covered with small white bumps and is about 1 inch wide. And this crab is found to be omnivores.

Within a short time the crab died. The biologist thought this might be happened since the water in that area has been polluted by the cargo ships.

Octopus with Human Characteristics

Updated on : 24th Dec 2009 10:05 a.m IST.

Scientists have discovered an Octopus that shows human characteristics. The scientists believe that this might be a new species of octopus. The scientists have shot the octopus in Indonesia while the octopus was making shelter on its own in the ocean floor.

The octopus was seemed to take the halved coconut shells emptied them. Then it put one of the shells under its body taking its whole body into the shell. Then placed the second shell in the way that it covers entire body into the shells. Thus the octopus created a hiding place for it.

The scientists further say that it is the first confirmation of tool used by an invertebrate animal.

This species was discovered in 15th december 2009.

You can also watch this intelligent species in animals videos.

Alien Jellyfish uncovered deep in artic ocean

Updated on : 15th Dec 2009 12:23 p.m IST.

During 2005 expedition a group of scientist found a splash of colors. They saw a blood red jelly fish named as Crossota norvegica. The new species was dotted by a remotely operated vehicle. The species was found 2600 meters underneath the sea. This area is the deepest and least explored area of the Artic ocean.

The scientists who explored the jellyfish were so surprised at the variety of jelly fish living at the poles.

The biologist also captured a sea angel fish called as clione limacine. This one was seen at a depth of about 1,148 feet deep in the sea. This little creature has a little skin and is a naked one with out a shell.

This marine snail is at the size of the lentils is mostly eaten by the other sea creatures.

The scientist also discovered a red-purple jellyfish which is named as Crossota millsae.

Further scientist have planned to explore the arctic more before warming and ice melting changes the environment significantly.

These new discovery was revealed to the outside world on December 2009.

New Magombera chameleon species

Updated on : 1st Dec 2009 10:30 a.m IST.

New Magombera chameleon species was discovered by Dr.Andrew Marshall in Tanzania jungle.

Chameleon is a special group of lizards that have the head like dinosaur and feet like parrot.

The new species was discovered while taking the number of monkeys in the jingles. Andrew discovered this new species when he sawed a twig snake fighting with a half digested Magombera Chameleon.

Then he searched in the near by places and found a live new species in about 6 miles away.

With the newly discovered species the total number of Chameleon species rise to 161.

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