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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

World's first amphibious insects

Updated on : 22nd Mar 2010

The world's first amphibious insects the caterpillar that can live both in land and in water have been discovered in Hawaii. The new species is named as Hyposmocoma that lives only in the Hawaiian Islands.

The research team collected the caterpillars in the rocks which were grazing in streams. By studying the caterpillars they found that the insect do not have gills or any natural mechanism for trapping air bubbles. The caterpillars get the oxygen directly from the water.

Majority of the caterpillars are found to be vegetarians and some belongs to the predatory groups feeding on the insects.

New worm species in Great Barrier Reef

Updated on : 8th Mar 2010

Pierre De Wit at Gothenburg University researchers has found a new worm species in Great Barrier Reef in New Caledonia.

Granis is the newly discovered species that is about 2 Cm in length and is mostly white in color. The worm has come across the marine sand from the tidal zone to the deep ocean all throughout the world. Now the researcher Pierre De Wit at the Zoology department of the university is analyzing exactly how many species are there and how are they related to the other organisms in that area.

On making further study at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia De wit and his colleagues have found 4 entirely new species of the Grania worm. One among them is the beautiful green colored Grania Colorata. Usually these worms are white in color or colorless.

Small mammal in Manas

Updated on : 7th Mar 2010

Ugyen Wangchuck institute researchers found an unknown species during their survey training.

The ferret badger, a previously unknown species, belongs to Melogale species and it was found in the park area.

This is the first ferret badger discovered in the country. Chief forestry officer of RMNP said there was no record of the badger till now and this one is the first. The newly discovered species was caught in a trap which has been set during the survey training for small mammals. The survey was conducted on the park between the dates February 11 to 16.

The coloration of the badger shows that the new species is small toothed ferret badge which is close to the Chinese ferret badger.

The newly discovered species is dark grey in color and it has a black bandits mask in it face. It has pale lips, chin, throat, belly and legs. From the head to the shoulder it has a dorsal whiter streak. The tail of the species is long and brownish grey in color. The tip of the tail is white in color. The feet is padded which helps them to live a life in the trees.

It has been estimated that the badger would weigh about 1.5 to 2 kg.

New species of cuttlefish discovered

Updated on : 5th Mar 2010

FCRI scientist discovered a new species of cuttlefish which belongs to the genus sepia. The species was spotted by the fisheries college and research institute (FCRI) scientist while they were carrying an intensive research. The species was discovered in the Colachel coastal area in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India. Dr. Venkataramani said that they have misconstrued the species as sepia prashadi.

With the invention of the new cuttlefish species the number of cuttlefish species found in India has rise to 15. The new species was named after a renowned cephalopod taxonomist Dr. Michael Vecchione. Hence this species is identified as Patronymic species.

The new species has the feathers like zebra like white stripes. It has four median suckers. The arms are elongated into a whip like structure. The cuttlefish is elliptically oval in shape and they are fragile. In addition the fish shows cuttlebone characteristics and they have a clear sexual dimorphism.

The FCRI scientists have planned to make an in-depth study on the biological characteristic of the new cuttlefish in the Gulf of Mannar the south east coast of India.

In addition during 2003 exploration the scientist have discovered two new cuttlefish species along the coast of tuticorin and named them as sepia prabahari and sepia ramani.

Swedish Researchers discovered New Bird in Asia

Updated on : 15th Feb 2010

A new type of bird - phylloscopus calciatilis has been discovered in Southeast Asia by Swedish researchers. The colour of this new bird species is green and yellow, and the bird phylloscopus calciatilis is similar to a willow warbler. These birds only lives in limestone mountains. And this bird is similar to Swedish Willow Warbler.

In Swedish Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences Mr. Alstorm has identified totally five of eighteen new species of birds are found in Southeast Asia during the last 20 years. This count is including the one which is found recently. He also said that "It involves lot of luck".

This new bird species Phylloscopus calciatilis are found commonly in Loas and Vietnam. And these birds exists probably in southern China as well. This bird also greatly resembles with another bird species in this area that also accounts for the fact which terms that it wasnt discovered sooner.

The differences between these two birds species are compared by their songs and also testing their DNA. This testing was done by Alstorm and his colleague Urban Olsson of Gothenburg University.

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