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Recent discovery

If you have ever tried to keep track of the latest discoveries of animal species if not here we are to help you to see the list of the recent animal species discoveries.

The discovery of an animal species begins with a careful observation of external aspects of the species and the investigating its functions and interrelationship with other living organisms.

123 new species in the biodiversity rainforest of Borneo

Updated on : 22nd April 2010

Conservationists have found 123 news species in the heart of Borneo since February 2007.

Researchers say that since the start of the discovery on an average more than 3 species have been discovered in the rainforest.

The most amazing discoveries are flying frog, flame colored snake, longest insect, and a slug that fires love darts to attract the mates.

Flying frog

Commonly known as Mulu Flying Frog, is a ting frog that was found 1650 m above the sea level in Gunung Mulu national park. The male can grow up to 3.5 cm. This specie has an unusual characteristic. That is it has bright green color skin at night and changes the color to brown hue during the day time. At the same time the eye of this small species also changes color. This species can fly because of its large webbed feet and aerodynamic flaps of the skin present in the arms and legs.

Zebra striped fish

This newly discovered fish was named as Eirmotus insignis and it is one among the 17 fish discovered in Borneo. The fish measures about 3.6cm.

Beautiful looking snake

This species was discovered in 2007 and is commonly called as Kopstein’s bronzeback (Dendrelaphis kopsteini). This species is different from all other species. It has bright orange color and has iridescent neck coloration. And it has blue, green and brown color patterns. Top part of the head has a deep bronze color. The snake has a dark stripe that extends from the snout. This new species can be found in the tress and they feed on frogs and lizards.

Longest Insect

This stick insect measures about 6.7 cm and was found near Gunung Kinabalu Park. This species also has the longest body which measures about 35.7 cm. This new species is the current title holder for the world records.


Other new species include a new species of slug discovered at an altitude of about 1900m on Mount Kinabalu. This new slug species has a long tail which is three times is head length. According the discovery the slug wraps its tail around its body when resting.

Other discoveries include

  • Fresh water prawn species
  • New snake species (Dendrelaphis Hassi)
  • Net-winged beetles
  • Benthic water bug
  • Wasp
  • Ants
  • Flies

New Giant Monitor Lizard

Updated on : 6th April 2010

New giant monitor lizard that eats fruit and is secretive has been found in the Philippine forest. The new species is named varanus bitatawa and was discovered by the students of Kansas University during their expedition on last summer. The 2 m long species was found in the deforested Luzon Island which is large and heavily populated.

The DNA test did on the species have placed it in the Komodo dragon family.

The lizard has bright yellow, green and blue skin.

The new monitor lizard is a well species to the resident of Agta and Ilongot tribes. These people regularly hunt this lizard for its meat which has a vital source of protein.

The lizard has its body length approaching 1m and 1m long tail. It also has golden yellow spots and flecks.

The legs are yellow in color and tail is striped with black and yellow.

The newly discovered species diet on fruits thus making it the third species of fruit eating monitor lizard in the world.

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